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About Us

Belle Studio is more than just another dance studio. We are a family. We support each other while lifting one another up with love and encouragement.  Everyone on this earth has gifts and talents, and we want to help you discover yours and grow with them.

Yes, of course we offer classes for the serious dancer!  We love those committed to dance and wishing to pursue it in the future. We will push you and help you to be your best.  We pride ourselves with teaching proper technique and good control. We love to help with getting that beautiful extension and lines.  We will celebrate your successes and be by your side to help you persevere through the struggles.

Life is hard. We get busy, stress creeps in and we get stretched thin. As adults, our kids feel that. Our families feel that. As students, it shows in your grades and performance at school.  Whether you are a single parent running in twenty million directions or a junior high student who just doesn't quite “fit in”, you belong here. Whether you have never danced a day in your life or you’ve been in ballet shoes since age 3, you belong here.

Dance is an amazing outlet and healer.  When you allow your body to stretch and move to the music, your body releases endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in your body.  Your blood starts flowing through muscles you didn’t even know existed and you feel alive! Your heart is smiling and your energy is up!  There is tons of research and proof that dance helps!


Now for the dance studio stuff….  Yes, we are a dance studio. We offer ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, partner dancing, the list goes on. We are 100% family friendly.  We love to see entire families involved, so we offer a huge variety of classes to encourage parents and siblings, and friends and family to join us, whether it’s in the dance room or out in the community doing outreach.  Check out our Family Event page and our Outreach page for things your family can do together. Our costumes and music are age appropriate and exhibit modesty and strong character.  We display and teach values, manners, respect, and kindness.

To be the best person you can be, you must be true to yourself and focus on building strong values.  At Belle Studio we teach an “Others first” perspective. By humbling ourselves and removing selfish thoughts and desires, replacing them with healthy goals and aspirations, one experiences a joy and fullness that cannot be expressed but must be experienced.

Join us on this journey to being the best person we can be!

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